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HyreU is an IT and outsourcing service provider.

Project Management

End to End Mobile solutions and application development on a wide variety of platforms including iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian. HyreU Project Management Services Group (PMSG) gathers the best project management practices, then develops seminars and consulting services to implement these practices through top quality training, mentoring and coaching.

HyreU helps clients set up and manage their project environments, develop capable project managers, and identify and mitigate project risk. The foundation for HyreU approach to project management is commitment to a business formula that stresses delivering results to customers over billing hours of time. This business formula establishes the culture/ environment and provides the leadership, processes, and procedures required to organize and manage a group of technical professionals to achieve expected results for client organizations. A successful approach to project management integrates the corporate business approach with a project management philosophy, and a set of tools, methods, and skills that result in successful project execution. The HyreU approach to project management addresses each of these essential components and is embodied in the HyreU Project Management Methodology.

HyreU Project Management Methodology :

  • Culture/Environment – HyreU business approach.
  • Productivity Management – AdepTech System's project management philosophy..
  • Methodology and Process – Frameworks for Software Development.
  • Project Estimating and Risk Management.
  • Project Planning and Control.
  • Project Manager Competency.
  • Quality Assurance.