HyreU is an IT and outsourcing service provider.

Consumer Products and services

Consumer products and services operate in a highly dynamic business environment, with constant fluctuation. There is an increasing need for companies in this industry to innovate to remain competitive. Investing in flexible solutions that transform these challenges into opportunities will generate increased ROI, with measurable cost reductions and optimized approach.

HyreU provides flexible and sophisticated solutions to efficiently manage your entire supply chain. We have successfully helped industry-leading companies achieve better integration with warehouse management, improve system capabilities for dynamic pricing, get real-time reporting of cash flow and profitability, and reduce discrepancies in inventory valuation due to different units of measures. For you, this means greater operational excellence that drives better results and delivers a distinct competitive advantage.

Our comprehensive suite of services addresses the following business processes:

  • Food safety and compliance
  • Catch weight management
  • Optimized warehouse management
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Document trail
  • Streamlined order fulfillment


Spectrum of Pharmaceuticals Industry Solutions with Quick ROI & Business Results HyreU IT solutions to meet the unique and challenging business needs of the pharmaceutical industry. HyreU professionals have experience with the pharmaceutical industry's best practices and regulatory and validation requirements through the global supply chain. This enables us to provide high-performing customized and packaged solutions of operational systems.

Merging pharmaceutical industry knowledge with intense technology expertise allows HyreU to deliver solutions that help in optimization.