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HyreU is an IT and outsourcing service provider.

CRM Solutions

Companies around the world recognize that having insight into their customers, operating plans, business strategies and processes is the only way to gain a competitive advantage. Employees and partners empowered with customer insight in their real-time interactions, and executives armed with intelligence from these customer interactions, can provide an organization with distinct differentiation in the marketplace. A well-executed CRM Roadmap gives any company a clear route to achieving sustainable and profitable growth. Project success and client satisfaction are the important aspect of HyreU deliverables. We earn our clients' confidence by understanding their needs and adding value to the current scenarios


Business Intelligence is fast becoming the cornerstone of today’s business processes because it provides decision makers across the enterprise with a single, consistent view of information, when they need it, for business activity monitoring and decision-making.

HyreU has expertise in CRM Consulting and implementing Salesforce.com for variety of companies across different Industries

HyreU BI Consulting Services has the tools and services you need for better decision making. Our technologies, processes and applications will accurately analyze your internal, structured data and business processes to identify both weak spots and opportunities.


Cognos Business Intelligence enables you to explore and interact with any data, in any combination and spanning the entire spectrum of time-all in a unified workspace.

Salesforce.com (SFDC) CRM productis a best suited CRM application for various businesses, small, medium and large scale enterprises. It helps you build strong customer relationship with your customers and business partners making information available in real-time.We know every option and value add of the application. Additionally we bring years of experience in CRM, Project management and development into your project.

HyreU Salesforce consulting drives you to the nicheEvery industry and enterprise is unique in its own way; they have processes to pursue business opportunities, build and maintain customer relationship and optimize costs for overall organization objectives. Customers from various business segments have turned to HyreU for Salesforce Implementation, customization as per their business processes and bring the best of Salesforce eco-system for growing and sustaining market share. It's quite simple the best CRM for growing and sustaining market share without incurring heavy expenditure on software, hardware and other infrastructure related investments.


With experience designing and implementing many successful solutions for organizations of all sizes in major vertical markets,HyreU offers comprehensive services:

  • HyreU Siebel-certified consultants have vast Siebel implementation experience in various industries and across technical-functional areas.
  • Our dedicated Siebel-certified professionals provide customized and effective business solutions based on their superior technical and industry process knowledge.
  • HyreU is an Oracle/Siebel Consulting Partner. Our partnership with Oracle Corporation and active

working relationship with its Sales Force, Product Marketing, and Expert Services groups enable us to provide quick turnarounds on product-specific issues. HyreU and Oracle have been very successful in working together to bring the best mix of products and expert resources for implementation to many engagements.